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Fair Play

Adorable Evalina. Thats all you need to know. This cute Russian 18 year old has never posed nude before, but she never hesitated for a minute. When she heard that it was FEMJOY asking her to share her innermost secrets, she knew she wanted to do it. She knew of FEMJOY from her friends. They had often sat around at parties looking at how beautiful the girls were, and wondering if any of them would have the guts to try to pose nude. All the girls knew they were pretty enough, but you know how girls can be. Theyre protective of their innocence, because its in such demand. But Evalina, wild Evalina, had no compunctions at all. She knew what she wanted, and she meant to get it. And got it she did. And now you can too. Inside FEMJOY.
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Added Jan 22, 2015
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